Vance Creek Railroad Bridge

No pull-ups on Vance Creek bridge


I lied. This one’s illegal.

Vance Creek Viaduct Trail, Shelton, WA 98584 is popular one if you’re in the mood for risk and nature. The bridge is illegal because it needs you to trespass private property to get there. There are no signboards obviously. There is a gate that warns you you are entering private property. It is a short dirt hike to the bridge. It has no railings on either side. Leave your Vertigo at home. This one is 347 feet over the Skokomish river. It is now abandoned. So not to worry about trains passing by. The trail is wide and in good enough condition to walk across. It has lovely views on both sides and the perfect sunset!

Pro Travel Tip 4: No pull-ups on Vance Creek bridge

Scary for everyone

Passion for Possibility

I try new things a lot. My main motivation for this blog was the fact that though I have platforms to publish family friendly excerpts of my travel elsewhere, I need one that isn’t. So I’ll share some perfectly legal things to do around the hood here 😉 I’ll keep the content short and sweet. No full itineraries and minimum scrolling.


The picture above was taken at Cacimba do padre, Fernando De Noronha, Brazil. To give you some context, I made the mistake of not wearing a bikini that day. So some friendly locals invited me to a BBQ and a lady took my dress off till my waist. I hung out in my bra and my dress as a sarong. The picture above is photoshopped some to add contrast and make it not look obviously like a bra.

Pro Travel Tip 1 ladies and gentlemen: – Carry swimwear for every day of your trip in Brazil. Somebody is going to drag you in the water 😉

Pro Travel Tip 2: Carry condoms

Pro Travel Tip 3: Learn the local translations of 5 words at a MINIMUM wherever you go:

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Slow
  4. Fast
  5. Toilet

Thank me later