Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery

A good concert is worth a few hundred $s

This is a very classy venue


And like all fancy venues, it costs an arm and a leg. I saw Mark Knopfler in 2015. The weather, the sunset and the relaxing music made it the most beautiful evening of the year.



I saw Santana this year. Another very lovely evening. I strained my neck for a couple of days I danced so hard. Random strangers danced with each other. Full-on party! I subscribed to their events and will go to Gypsy Kings this year as well. I went for a bachelorette last year. I don’t need to tell you about the wine…

This one, I would say is kid-unfriendly, not family-unfriendly. The tickets can be a few hundred dollars so not worth spending on kids. Mark Knopfler was $300 ish per ticket and Santana $200 ish. I’ll pay that much for artists I’ve been listening to for decades. Plus wine and kids don’t mix very well.

Pro Travel Tip 7: A good concert is worth a few hundred $s

It’s a memory for life.