Anjuna beach, Goa, India

There’s always a place to be yourself

Some of my first tastes of freedom were in Goa.


I grew up in Mumbai. It’s like NYC but add more people and make it really ghetto. Like any metropolitan city, it pays your bills but stresses you out. Goa is a 600 kilometer drive South of Mumbai. If you’re a foreign tourist, Goa, close to end of the year, is your safest bet.

The pictures above are at Anjuna beach, Goa taken 13 years ago. Mumbai has beaches too. India has a lot of beaches. But you’ll get stares if you wear a bikini there. Most Indian beaches are like fairs with vendors and merry-go-rounds. It’s Ok to wear a bikini in India in Goa if you are with company or at private beaches. I’m a bit of a nudist so this was pretty exciting for me 🙂

Goa has an illegal weed scene. Marijuana (Cannabis flower) is illegal in India. But bhang (Cannabis seeds and leaves) is Ok on Holi (Hindu festival). Worst high ever…

More family unfriendly activities include rave parties, riding mopeds in that crazy traffic and roads, shopping at late night flea markets and drinking in shacks (temporary restaurants).

Pro Travel (life) Tip 6: There’s always a place to be yourself

Goa: Fond memories forever ❤