Georgetown, Seattle

Go with the eyes of an artist sometimes

Georgetown is my favorite neighborhood in Seattle for creative exposure.


If you have an alert observation, there are so many things that give Georgetown its character. If you’ve been to the Georgetown in Washington DC, you’ll notice they have some similar history though not the same aesthetic. Georgetown is 15 min South of the heart of Seattle, Belltown, run down looking, often lacking an obvious buzz.


Georgetown art attack, Dead baby downhill, Acoustic Armageddon, Haunted History tour, Via Tribunali, Georgetown Trailer Park Mall are my favorite things here. Ok may be not dead baby downhill which gets too crazy. There was an after party shooting in 2011 at 4:30 a.m.. What was through through this person’s mind? “Hey I am going to a party and drinking. Let me take my gun just in case I get pissed off…”. All great scenes for something new, something different every time. My pictures above and below are from a time I went about taking fall pictures of random things with strangers from


Apart from the obvious, notice the dog with one green and one brown eye. Notice the warehouse through it’s peephole.

So what’s common with the one in DC? Well they both were former industrial districts and now hella polluted. Both have an artistic vibe. And they’re both called Georgetown 🙂

Pro Travel Tip 10: Go with the eyes of an artist sometimes

A photographer, a painter, a blogger, whatever floats your boat. You’ll notice things you wouldn’t otherwise.