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Ditch the bra when you can

I am a size 32B. Easy for me to say. So I’m going to say it. Ditch the bra when you can.

The US has a culture that thinks if your nipples show through a dress, you’re probably turned On. Though this is not true, it’s just not work or social situation friendly to do so.

The American cancer society thinks bra’s don’t cause or exacerbate cancer. While some other studies think they do. We here at the research lab of passion of possibility think they’re uncomfortable and dispensable. My paternal aunt died of breast cancer and my chiropractor told me bras cause Cancer so I looked into some subs and don’t want to go back. It’s been the hottest Summer in Seattle too.

Bra subs



  1. Thick material
  2. Pleats and layers
  3. Bralettes
  4. Sequins
  5. Crop tops
  6. Bra tops
  7. Gathers
  8. In-built soft padding
  9. Lace shift

The dresses in the pictures may not be but the styles are definitely good subs for a bra. I wore the one with gathers on a hot day to work and to meet a friend for dinner and salsa afterward. My bras and bralettes are from VS, Aerie and Soma. I’m still so much more comfortable without them. Plus I don’t need to wash an extra delicate garment. This brilliant 30s hack has added hours, days back to my life. I know True & Co etc have come up with more comfortable styles but seriously, I have a dozen bras, I don’t need more. I don’t have the money and mindspace to invest on any more experiments. Some of my corsets, and crop tops have wires, yes. Still more comfortable than bras.

Now imagine not having to stuff these pesky things in a travel bag…. *BLISS*

Pro Travel Tip 11: Avoid bras

Pssst: I slept in the dress I wore to work yesterday because I didn’t feel like changing 🙂