Passion for Possibility

I try new things a lot. My main motivation for this blog was the fact that though I have platforms to publish family friendly excerpts of my travel elsewhere, I need one that isn’t. So I’ll share some perfectly legal things to do around the hood here 😉 I’ll keep the content short and sweet. No full itineraries and minimum scrolling.


The picture above was taken at Cacimba do padre, Fernando De Noronha, Brazil. To give you some context, I made the mistake of not wearing a bikini that day. So some friendly locals invited me to a BBQ and a lady took my dress off till my waist. I hung out in my bra and my dress as a sarong. The picture above is photoshopped some to add contrast and make it not look obviously like a bra.

Pro Travel Tip 1 ladies and gentlemen: – Carry swimwear for every day of your trip in Brazil. Somebody is going to drag you in the water 😉

Pro Travel Tip 2: Carry condoms

Pro Travel Tip 3: Learn the local translations of 5 words at a MINIMUM wherever you go:

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Slow
  4. Fast
  5. Toilet

Thank me later