Doe bay Resort and Retreat

Solo travel is a must

My first solo healing retreat, doe bay resort.


I pulled an 80 hour week and needed a break. An actual healing retreat costs a bomb. So I went DIY. A 1.5 hour from Seattle to Anacortes -> a ferry ride with my car -> A drive to the other side of the island and I was there.

Thumbs up features: Birthday suit Sauna and Jacuzzi, yoga classes at 9:00 a.m. with a water-view <3, massage parlor, store, restaurant, a yard adjacent to the bay, a farm, suites with an attached kitchenette, library, wifi, camping space

Thumbs down features: Spotty wifi, mediocre room service, not good value for money for the suite, restaurant closes early and is closed a couple of days of the week, distance from grocery store

The best thing was going offline for a bit. I could be spontaneous. Ask around what’s an offbeat thing to do and go for it. I went to Lambiel’s museum, drove to Rosario, went to the farmer’s market, took a random hike but mostly chilled at the resort. Moran state park, kayaking and hanging out at the boutique shops are the standard things to do and I’d covered them all in a previous trip. It was a good hippie experience 🙂

Pro Travel Tip 5: Make a solo trip once in your life

You’ll discover new interests and learn your own pace

Vance Creek Railroad Bridge

No pull-ups on Vance Creek bridge

I lied. This one’s illegal.

Vance Creek Viaduct Trail, Shelton, WA 98584 is popular one if you’re in the mood for risk and nature. The bridge is illegal because it needs you to trespass private property to get there. There are no signboards obviously. There is a gate that warns you you are entering private property. It is a short dirt hike to the bridge. It has no railings on either side. Leave your Vertigo at home. This one is 347 feet over the Skokomish river. It is now abandoned. So not to worry about trains passing by. The trail is wide and in good enough condition to walk across. It has lovely views on both sides and the perfect sunset!

Pro Travel Tip 4: No pull-ups on Vance Creek bridge

Scary for everyone